Zach Erdem

Zach Erdem is a restaurateur and entrepreneur based in the United States. He is the owner and operator of several successful restaurants, nightclubs, and hospitality ventures, primarily located in the Hamptons area of Long Island, New York.

Erdem was born in Erzincan,Turkey. Erdem was a shepherd when he was 11 years old until 17 years old. He did not want to be a shepherd all his life. He decided to move to New York, the city that was his dream, before immigrating to the United States in 2002. He began his career in the hospitality industry as a dishwasher, busser, server, bartender and manager in New York City, Miami, Las Vegas, and LA, before eventually moving to the Hamptons and opening his own restaurant 75 Main in 2010. The restaurant quickly gained popularity among locals and visitors alike and has since become a fixture of the Hamptons dining and nightlife scene.

Zach Erdem at restaurant

In addition to 75 Main, Erdem has also opened several other restaurants and nightlife venues in the Hamptons, including AM Southampton, Blu Mar, and Kozu, Summer House and Hotel Harpoon House. He has been recognized for his contributions to the hospitality industry with numerous awards and honors, including being named to Long Island news “40Under 40” list in 2015.

Outside of his work in the hospitality industry, Erdem is also involved in various charitable and philanthropic endeavors. He has donated to and supported organizations.
Overall, Zach Erdem is a successful restaurateur, hotelier and entrepreneur known for his innovative concepts and commitment to providing exceptional experiences for his guests.

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